Sexual & Reproductive Health

Child Trends’ research aims to ensure that teens and young adults (1) have access to high-quality, accurate, and inclusive sexual and reproductive health care and knowledge; (2) are able to engage in and plan for safe, consensual, healthy, and empowered sexual activity; and (3) can have wanted, healthy pregnancies and births. Additionally, Child Trends studies how sexual and reproductive health is linked to child and family well-being. We pay close attention to groups of people who have and continue to face discrimination and inequitable access to high-quality, person-centered care, including low-income families; Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous populations; and LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning) youth.  

Research from Activate: A Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Translation Center

Featured Experts

Hannah Lantos

Senior Research Scientist I

Jennifer Manlove

Senior Research Scholar, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Jenita Parekh

Senior Research Scientist

Jenn Rogers

Senior Program Area Director and Senior Research Scholar